ENV100T Week 5 Exam

What does the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 legislate for environmental disasters such as the one pictured below?   Clean coal technologies include all of the following except   In the United States, what sector consumes the greatest portion of the nation’s total energy?   Which of the following technologies releases the least amount of […]

ENV100T Week 4 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

Ozone in the ___is essential as it protects the Earth’s surface form UV radiation but ozone in the ___ is a human-made air pollutant that contributes to global warming. In the figure below – what is the correct order of the layers of the atmosphere starting with the layer closest to the Earth’s surface and moving away? Comparing […]

ENV100T Week 3 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

Which of the following is NOT an environmental impact of mining? Humus is composed of: The use of conventional tillage causes soil loss mainly because it: Which of the following is NOT an important mineral? The soil layer that accumulates leached nutrients and minerals is called ___or the ___. The West Coast of the United States has […]

ENV100T WileyPLUS Week 1 Weekly Exam

Which of the following statements about scientific theories are TRUE? The resource shown here can be classified as: perpetually renewable 2. nonrenewable 3. renewable only if they are replanted and given time to grow A state agency has contacted you to do a scientific assessment of kudzu in a nature preserve in southern Georgia. They […]

ENV100T Week 2 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

What is coevolution? Which of the following does the photograph BEST illustrate? Being that grey wolves are a keystone species in North America, after their reintroduction into the Yellowstone ecosystem, which of the following events occurred? Which of the following statements is TRUE? How is carbon transferred from living organisms to the atmosphere? Which of […]