BIS221T Week4: Apply: Travel Spotlight

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BIS221T Week4: Apply: Travel Spotlight

Presentation Software

BIS221T Week4: Complete the “Week 4 Apply: Travel Spotlight” in MyEducator®.

Note: You have only one attempt available to complete this assignment.

Karen works at the West Coast Travel Agency. She has asked you to help her complete the travel spotlight on Peru.

Task # Points Task Description
1 15/15 On the “Title and Content” Custom Layout of the Slide Master make the following three additions:
Add the “westcoastlogosmall” image to the bottom right corner,
Change bullets to “Hollow Square Bullets” for all five levels.
Add the text “Explore the World with West Coast Travel: A Premier Travel Agency” to the footer
Note: There are two ways to get changes to the Slide Master to apply to existing slides.  First, if you click on “Apply to all” in the header/footer dialog box the text is applied to all Slide Master layouts and to all the slides. Second if you only want your changes to propagate to a specific Slide Master Layout, you must reapply the Layout (Home ribbon) to each slide and you must Insert Header and Footer (Insert ribbon) for each slide.
2 6/6 Add the “Split” Animation to the bullets on slide 4 (entitled “Places to Visit”). Build each bullet one at a time when the mouse is clicked. Open the Animation Panel and ensure that the only animations on the slide are the ones for each bullet.  Other animations on the slide will cause erroneous grading.  Delete any other extraneous animations that may exist.
3 7/7 Create a custom path animation to the flag image on slide 5 (entitled “Peru – Make it your next destination”). Make the animation run when the user moves to the slide. Give it a duration of at least 4 seconds. Open the Animation Panel and ensure that the only animation on the slide is the one for the custom path.  Other animations on the slide will cause erroneous grading.  Delete any other extraneous animations that may exist.
4 13/13 Insert a new Title and Content slide between slide 4 (“Places to Visit”) and 5 (“Peru – Make it your next destination”). Title the slide “South America Travel Statistics” without the quotes. Create the following table on the slide. You may make the table more readable by increasing the font size, centering the data in the columns and increasing the row height.

Country 2011 2012 2013
Brazil 5433 5677 5613
Chile 3137 3554 3576
Peru 2598 2846 3164
Ecuador 1141 1272 1364

5 14/14 Create a bar chart on a new slide and place it after the table slide (“South America Travel Statistics”). Use the data from the table; title the chart “In Thousands”.  Choose a style and color theme that is pleasing to you. After you have selected a style, increase the font size of the legend to at least 16 point, and the font size of the Y axis (the country names) to at least 20 points. Increase the font size of the “In Thousands” chart title to 32pt. Add Data Labels to each bar. Entitle the slide “Chart of South America Travelers” and increase the height of the chart so that it is closer to the slide title.  (Note: When changing font sizes select the textbox containing the text, then change the font size of the entire textbox.  Do not “select” the text itself that is inside the textbox.)
6 9/9 Add a new Title and Content slide as slide 4, after the “Start in Lima” slide. Entitle the slide “Peru Travel Options”. Insert the “Upward Arrow” SmartArt (found in the “Process” SmartArt category) to the slide. Enter the following text as the text in the SmartArt. Make the text you entered bold and change the font size to 36. To wrap the text correctly increase the size of the SmartArt to be closer to the slide title.

Bottom of Arrow: Start in Lima
Middle of Arrow: Travel to the land of the Inca
Top of Arrow: Visit Machu Picchu

7 7/7 Add a new Title and Content slide as slide 8, after the “Chart of South America Travelers” slide. Add the slide title “Highlight Video” without the quotes.  Insert the “peruvideo” from a file into the slide. Resize the video box to take up the clear space on the slide.
8 4/4 Read and delete the comment that is attached to the first slide.
9 4/4 Add a new comment to the first slide with the text “I took your suggestions and completed the slides. Please let me know if you want me to make any other changes.” Without the quotes.
10 7/7 Insert the “audio” sound file to the first slide. Make the audio file play automatically. Do not set any other checkbox options. Position the audio icon so that it does not cover the title or the subtitle.
11 8/8 Record slide show timings with at least 3 seconds per slide. After they are set, use slide sorter view and clear the timing on the “Highlight Video” slide so that it advances manually and not with a set timing.
12 6/6 Create a custom slide show with slides 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8. Name the custom show “Peru Custom Show” without the quotes. Keep the slides in the same order as the original presentation.
13 0/0 Submit your work to see how you did.


This BIS221T Week4 assignment contains a PowerPoint document.

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