HST155 Week5 The Civil War

HST155 Week5 Civil War HST155 Week5: Imagine that you are now being sent to record the events of the Civil War. Use the attached outline to help you write this assignment.   Civil War Use the following outline by responding to each of the questions in 150 words each. Trace the development of slavery as […]

HST155 Week4 The Western Experience

HST155 Week4 Antebellum America and Moving West HST155 Week4: Imagine your next journalist assignment is to record the move Westward. Write a 350- to 700-word journal entry of your experience and what you are discovering. (You may write this in first person.) Include explanations to the following: The significance of early 19th-century themes and ideas […]

HST155 Week3 A New Nation

HST155 Week3 A New Nation HST155 Week3: Imagine you are a reporter covering political events of the time. Complete the New Nation worksheet to trace the development of political parties in the new republic. As you complete the worksheet, you will also have the opportunity to describe Jeffersonian democracy in relation to significant events from Jefferson’s presidency. […]

HST155 Week2 Causes and Outcomes of the Revolution

HST155 Week2 From British Colonies to the United States HST155 Week2: This assignment will help you explain the causes, outcomes, and effects of the Revolution. Complete the Causes and Outcomes of the Revolution worksheet. Causes and Outcomes Complete all three parts of this assignment.   Part A: Causes of the Revolution   Complete the grid by […]

HST155 Week1 Clash of Cultures Worksheet

HST155 Week1 Contact, Settlement, Slavery HST155 Week1: This first assignment will help you lay down your understanding of the social, political, economic, and global events that shaped the American scene during colonial times. Complete the Clash of Cultures worksheet. University of Phoenix Material   Clash of Cultures   Complete both parts of this assignment.   […]