STR581 Wk 4 – Apply: Case Study Analysis

STR581 Week4: Read “Case 2: Airbnb in 2018” in your Connect textbook. In the accommodations market, Airbnb appears to have a significant advantage over its competitors as it relates to regulations affecting the operations of its business. Develop a business strategy that will allow Airbnb to meet local, state, and international regulatory requirements and motivate individuals to […]

STR581 Wk 3 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Modified SWOT Analysis

STR581 Week3: Successful businesses regularly analyze their processes to ensure they’re operating as efficiently as possible and maintaining their competitive advantages. Although you can assess a company in many ways, a common technique is the SWOT analysis. In this assignment, you’ll practice using SWOT analysis to better understand the factors involved in making business decisions […]

STR581 Wk 2 – Apply: Case Study Analysis

STR581 Week2:  Read “Case 12: Chipotle Mexican Grill’s Strategy in 2018: Will the New CEO Be Able to Rebuild Customer Trust and Revive Sales Growth?” in your Connect textbook. Write a 350- to 700-word response that addresses the following questions: What factors contributed to the loss of confidence in the Chipotle brand? Do the actions […]

STR581 Week1 – Apply: Case Study Analysis

STR581 Week1:  Read “Case 6: Fixer Upper: Expanding the Magnolia Brand” in your Connect textbook. Evaluate Magnolia Brands’ sustainable competitive advantage by analyzing the case study and answering the following questions in 350 to 525 words: How will the components of the external environment impact Magnolia Brands’ ability to realize their vision? Who are Magnolia Brands’ […]