RES724 All Weeks

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RES724 Week 8: Analysis and Interpretation Worksheet

RES724 Week 8: Application of Concepts: Analysis and Interpretation RES724 Week 8: Complete the Analysis and Interpretation Worksheet. Note: If you did not submit your transcripts in Week 7, you will need to submit them with this assignment. In addition, please read Ch. 9 to assist with writing memos. Submit the completed worksheet and your coded […]

RES724 Week 7: Applied Practice: Interviewing

RES724 Week 7: Application of Concepts: Data Collection RES724 Week 7: Note: You do not need IRB approval for a class activity. Interview two participants (in-person) that have an understanding of the content of your research topic/problem. Refer to the interview requirements below: Explain the purpose of the interview to the participants by using the […]

RES724 Week 6: Applied Practice: Observation

RES724 Week 6: Application of Concepts: Data Collection RES724 Week 6: Note: You do not need IRB approval for a class activity. Conduct two, 60-minute observations of the actions, events, interactions, or relevant factors related to the central phenomenon in your mock study. Document your observations using the Observation Guide. Observation Guide Observation 1 Find […]

RES724 Week 4: Mock Study Development Worksheet

RES724 Week 4: Application of Concepts: Formulating a Qualitative Study RES724 Week 4: For the remaining weeks in this course, you will demonstrate your understanding of qualitative research by engaging in specific processes associated with the design and development of a mock qualitative study on a topic of your choice. This week, you will begin […]

RES724 Week 3: Analysis Exercise

RES724 Week 3: Collecting, Analyzing, and Interpreting Qualitative Data RES724 Week 3: Complete Parts 1 and 2 below. Note: Please note this assignment does not involve any software. This is to be done manually using the coding schemes within your textbook in Ch. 15. Part 1: Download the “Sarah: Diabetes Interview” transcript from the Saldaña […]

RES724 Week 2: Research Design Worksheet

RES724 Week 2: Qualitative Research Design RES724 Week 2: Complete the Research Design Worksheet. Research Design Worksheet Exercise 1 The various qualitative research designs are each used for a different purpose. As consumers and producers of research, it is important that you know how to differentiate between designs in order to select (and assess) the […]

RES724 Week 1: Foundations of Qualitative Research Worksheet

RES724 Week 1: Foundations of Qualitative Research RES724 Week 1: Complete the Foundations of Qualitative Research Worksheet. Foundations of Qualitative Research Worksheet Exercise 1 The purpose of this exercise is to examine how philosophical assumptions differ and are exemplified (implicitly or explicitly) based on the interpretive framework selected. Read the four articles listed below, which […]