RES709 Week 8: Development of Research Foundations

RES709 Week 8: Aligning the Research Elements and Ethical Issues in Research RES709 Week 8: In Weeks 1-7 of this course, you developed the foundational research elements required for the initial steps in a research study. Note that these same foundational research elements will also be used as components for a dissertation study. In this two-part assignment, you […]

RES709 Week 7: Developing a Theoretical or Conceptual Framework

RES709 Week 7: Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks as a Foundation for Research RES709 Week 7: The conceptual or theoretical framework is a major element of the dissertation and begins with a broad theoretical foundation. Your conceptual or theoretical framework will be presented in Chapter 1 of the dissertation proposal and expanded upon in Chapter 2, […]

RES709 Week 6: Design Selection and Justification

RES709 Week 6: Selecting an Appropriate Research Design RES709 Week 6: For this week’s assignment, you will select an appropriate research design for your study. Once you have selected an appropriate design, you must locate and review references developed by the primary methodologists associated with that design. It is also crucial that you circle back […]

RES709 Week 5: Method Selection and Justification

RES709 Week 5: Selecting an Appropriate Research Method RES709 Week 5: This week you will select a research method that’s appropriate for your study. As you select a method, bear in mind that quantitative research is used to address a social problem by using numerical data to quantify a participant’s opinions, perceptions, and feelings. Qualitative […]

RES709 Week 4: Developing the Research Questions

RES709 Week 4: Formulating the Research Questions RES709 Week 4: For this assignment, you will write your research questions. Research questions represent the purpose of conducting the study, and well-stated research questions drive the investigation and the implementation of the study. Beware of poorly-stated, ambiguous research questions which can muddy the investigation and make it […]

RES709 Week 2: Literature Review and Literature Gap

RES709 Week 2: Identifying Knowledge Gaps through Literature Review RES709 Week 2: The literature review serves as an important purpose in any dissertation, research article, report or proposal. It supports the need for the study and convinces readers that the content area has been reviewed in depth, and there is clearly a research problem to […]

RES709 Week 1: Research Paradigms

RES709 Week 1: The Foundations and Language of Social Research RES709 Week 1: For this assignment you will begin to grow as a scholar and researcher by relying on scholarly texts and resources and not textbooks required for this course. It is important to note that as a general rule, textbooks are not scholarly resources […]