ORG 535 Wk 6 Team – Apply: International HR Issues

Management liked your team’s presentation about expanding the organization to your recommended country and would like to learn more about identified issues with that country. Using your resources and recommendation from Week 3, identify 3 human resource considerations with your selected country, such as labor laws and safety. Provide a recommendation for dealing with the […]

ORG 535 Wk 5 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Strategies

You’ve been told that the HR Director is pleased with the work you’ve completed for the organization and would like to take your contribution to the next level. She’d like you to review several strategic reports on the organization and provide feedback on how you think Southwest HR should move forward. Review the recommended sources […]

ORG 535 Wk 4 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Recruitment

This internship is turning into a great hands-on learning opportunity for you. Your manager has tasked you with proposing a talent management plan for pilots at Southwest Airlines. Your proposal will be considered by the Director of HR to make a formal plan. Develop a 3- to 4-page proposal that include the following: A recommendation […]

ORG 535 Wk 3 Team – Apply: International HR Principles

Your team of interns has been tasked with looking into countries where Southwest can expand. Your team needs to review human resource management principles from some of the countries listed below to determine if the country is a good fit for the organization. Countries to include: Mexico Canada France Japan China India Each person will […]

ORG 535 Wk 1 – Apply: HR Competency Journal

Complete the Wk 1 – Apply: HR Competency Journal worksheet. Submit your assignment. Worksheet Instructions ReviewFigure 1.3, Competencies and Behaviors for HR Professionals, in your textbook, and refer to the HR Competencies tutorial. Throughout the week, identify 3 to5 examples of the HR competencies-in-action by HR professionals or by others in your everyday life. Journal […]