OPS574 Week 5 – Apply: Operations Plan

This assignment is intended to help you learn how to apply forecasting and demand models as part of a business operations plan. Choose 2 quantitative elements that you would like to research in relation to the organization that you selected for your business plan. These elements may be related to products, services, target market, consumer […]

OPS574 Wk 3 – Apply: Service System Applications

The purpose of this assignment is to align proper service system applications to certain industries. You will also analyze and evaluate a company’s customer service strengths and challenges. Select a company you are familiar with, such as your own employer or a public company that you know you can find customer service data on. Identify […]

OPS574 Wk 1 – Apply: Process Improvement Flowchart

The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to create a flowchart and improve a process and summarize the results. You will create a process to improve flowcharts. Complete the Week 1 Process Improvement Flowchart Worksheet.   Submit your assignment.   This assignment contains a Microsoft Word document. Click HERE for more ACC400 weeks. If […]