OPS571T Wk 6 – Apply: Week 6 Assignment

In conducting a total cost of ownership analysis, it is probably best to use a team representing the key functional areas. Plant A is located at the (X, Y) coordinates of (200, 500) and has a volume of shipping of 400 units a day. Plant B is located at the (X, Y) coordinates of (300, […]

OPS571T Wk 5 – Apply: Week 5 Assignment

Simple exponential smoothing lags changes in demand. Which of the following is one of the three contrasting approaches to delivering on-site service? The customer is (or should be) the second most important focal point of all decisions in a service organization. Which of the following is used to describe the degree of error? Exponential smoothing […]

OPS571T Wk 4 – Apply: Week 4 Assignment

A series of projects that are organized in such a way that each project utilizes people from different functional areas is using which of the following organizational structures? In CPM, the late start time estimate is the latest time you can start an activity and still keep the entire project on schedule. Breakthrough projects are […]

OPS571T Wk 3 – Apply: Week 3 Assignment

According to the theory of constraints, which of the following is a financial measurement that can be used to measure the firm’s ability to make money? Imagine comparing a manufacturing operation using regular lot-sizing and the same operation with a kanban/lean production approach. What would be your expectations of the difference between the total cost […]

OPS571T Wk 2 – Apply: Week 2 Assignment

The dimension of design quality that concerns secondary characteristics is which of the following? Make-to-stock production processes can easily handle requests for customized product features. A cost of quality classification is which of the following? Inventory turn is a better measure than the total value of inventory for comparative purposes because it is a relative […]

OPS571T Wk 1 – Apply: Week 1 Assignment

A competency is not core if it is easy for competitors to imitate. Which of the following is primarily used to help design products that will connect product attributes with customer desires? What dimension of competitiveness does time-to-market performance in product design and process selection affect? In a concurrent engineering approach to product design and […]