MKT574 Wk 6 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Part C – Strategic Marketing Plan

Complete Part C of the Strategic Marketing Plan. Submit your assignment. Part C:Market Strategy, Marketing Channels, Implementation, and Monitoring (Due in Wk 6) New Target Markets Determine any new markets for your strategy and describe how you will provide value to each target market.   Marketing Mixfor New Target Markets Determineadaptions for each new target […]

MKT574 Wk 2 – Apply: Signature Assignment: Part A: Strategic Marketing Plan

Complete Part A of the Strategic Marketing Plan. Submit your assignment. Strategic Marketing Plan Part A: Environmental Analysis and SWOT Analysis (Due in Wk 2) Company Description Describe the company you are designing the plan for.Include: Mission Statement Vision Statement Product line description Company information, such as the size of the company Environmental Analysis Analyze […]

MKT574 Wk 1 – Apply: Ethical and Socially Responsible Marketing Analysis

Read “Ethical Issues in Marketing: An Application for Understanding Ethical Decision Making” from the University Library. Write a 350- to 575-word analysis and evaluation of a company’s effectiveness in the following areas: Distinguish between social responsibility, ethical, and legal issues and their effect on marketing. Relate the triple bottom line to an organization’s sustainability. Analyze […]