MKT431 Wk 5 – Apply: Shark Tank Pitch

Congratulations! You went on Shark Tank and the panel of financial investors has moved you to the next round. The panel is interested in your business but has additional questions that must be answered. Combine the information you’ve compiled thus far and include your promotional strategy to present your final Shark Tank pitch. Develop a […]

MKT431 Wk 4 – Apply: Competitive Analysis Worksheet

You are trying to gain market share from competitors and have decided to take a more exhaustive look at how you compare side by side in key areas of potential differentiation. Pricing, technology, and distribution all offer opportunities to create value in the mind of the consumer. In this assignment you will identify ways to […]

MKT431 Wk 3 – Apply: Company Brand Commercial

Now that you’ve assessed your business and identified your customer profile, you need to craft your brand and share your branding message. There are many ways to share your ad, including in print, in person, on the Internet, through networking, or on the air. To get to know your market and community, you recently attended […]

MKT431 Wk 2 – Apply: ESRI Zip Code Look Up Worksheet

Now that you’ve assessed your potential business, the next step is to determine who your customer is. In this assignment, you will use secondary research to create a customer profile. This is important information to have when you are presenting to potential investors. Comparing your chosen service area with neighboring areas will allow you a […]

MKT431 Wk 1 – Apply: SWOT Analysis

After years of putting your family and personal obligations first, you are finally able to dedicate your time and focus to starting your own business. Throughout this course you will apply various aspects of small business marketing to your potential business including product and branding; price, place, and technology; promotion and advertising; and building a […]