MGT418 Week 4 Financial Management Presentation

Research three critical financial issues that a start-up or newly-acquired businesses may face. Describe potential resolutions for these issues. Discuss the importance of financing to a new business, and describe best practices for handling working capital and cash flow for a new business. Present the information in a 10- to 15-slide visual presentation with speaker notes.   This assignment […]

MGT418 Week5: Signature Assignment: Entrepreneurship Funding Request

MGT418 Week5: About Your Signature Assignment Signature/Benchmark Assignments are designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded with a grading guide or an automated […]

MGT418 Week4 Team – Ethics Standards Presentation

MGT418 Week4: Resource: Franchise Evaluation chart Select three franchises from the same industry and assume you are going to purchase one of the three businesses. Complete the Franchise Evaluation chart to identify due diligence and other issues for each of the selected franchises. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you evaluate the three selected […]

MGT418 Week3 Team – Business Plan Financial Analysis

MGT418 Week3: Resource: The Barringer/Ireland Business Model Template in Ch. 4 of Entrepreneurship Research three venture capitalist firms or banks (either on the Internet or in person). Analyze their requirements for obtaining funding in comparison to using the Barringer/Ireland Business Model template. Evaluate the pros and cons of completing a competitive analysis (using a competitive grid). Discuss key components of […]