MGT401 Week 5 Apply: Business Action Plan

MGT401 Week 5: This morning you received an email from a new potential investor, requesting a preliminary meeting for later this week. This is your chance! You decide the best course of action is to begin compiling all of your previous research in writing. For this assignment, you will develop an action plan for your […]

MGT401 Week 3 Apply: Resource Template

MGT401 Week 3: Congratulations! A prominent venture capitalist that was at your presentation has requested a meeting with you. Before he is willing to commit, he wants to see that you have all your resources in order. In this assignment, you apply what you’ve learned this week to prepare for the meeting, including finding legal […]

MGT401 Week 2 Apply: Feasibility Presentation

MGT401 Week 2: Review the Ch. 4 sections 4.1, “Identify Strategies for Innovation in Your Business” and 4.5, “Identify How to Screen Ideas for Business Potential” in McGraw-Hill Connect. This week, you will analyze the steps needed to identify innovative business opportunities and learn how to determine the feasibility of a business idea.   Now […]

MGT401 Week 1 Apply: Business Plan Outline

MGT401 Week 1: This week you are completing a Business Plan outline. As an existing or potential small business owner, you will begin to identify the primary components of a business plan. A business plan is a very important strategic tool for entrepreneurs that helps you recognize the steps that need to be taken to […]