MFCC537 Wk 6 Team: Case Study Presentation

Select one of the following case studies on pp. 297-318 of Counselling Adolescents: The Proactive Approach for Young People. Create a 15- to- 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation 20-30 minutes long analyzing your selected case as a team. Include the following in your analysis: Summarize the major components of the case, including the client and therapy sessions. Identify the intervention strategies demonstrated […]

MFCC537 Wk 5: Team – Evidence-Based Treatment Models Presentation

Identify evidence-based treatment models related to treating children or adolescents with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and special concerns. Select at least 2 evidence-based treatments from each category: Developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Learning disabilities, like dyslexia or a reading disorder Special concerns, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, bereavement, […]

MFCC537 Wk 4: Team – Client Case: Play Therapy Interventions Script/Interactions

Resource: The selected case study client and intervention chosen from the Week 3 Learning Team assignment. Create a detailed summary of a play therapy session for the case study client and intervention selected for the Week 2 Learning Team assignment. Include the interactions for each of the following participants in the play therapy session. Therapist Client Family member(s) […]

MFCC537 Wk 4: Employee Reference Aid

Create a 1,050- to 1,400-word employee reference aid that can be used to describe a minimum of 4 play therapy and expressive art therapy techniques. Include the following in your employee toolkit: A description of the method or technique Client characteristics and who benefits from each play therapy Goals Benefits Main concepts or stages Basic skills and […]

MFCC537 Wk 3: Treatment Interventions and Plan

Identify 1 family system model and 1 non-systems model that can be applied to your Client Case: Selection and Interview Preparation and Formulation paper from Week 2. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word plan describing the theoretical orientation of the models and how you plan to use them with your client case. Include the following in your plan: Basic […]

MFCC537 Week 2: Selection and Initial Interview Preparation and Formulation

Select a case study from Clinical Case Studies Volume 1-Current located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. The selected case study must include one or more of the following characteristics: The child or adolescent is from a nontraditional family, like one with same-sex parents, a single-parent family, blended family, divorced parenting family, raised by grandparents, or […]

MFCC537 Week 2: Team – Aligning Diagnostic and Assessment Techniques Training Presentation

Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on employee training that could be used to stress the importance of proper diagnostic and assessment techniques used to differentiate child and adolescent needs. Include the following questions in your presentation: What are the similarities and differences in building and maintaining rapport with children versus adolescents? What developmental challenges should be […]