LDR531 Week6 Assessment: Implementing Change Business Case

LDR531 Week6 Leadership LDR531 Week6: Purpose of Assessment    Demonstrate how a leader can implement change within an organization to enhance effectiveness and efficiency. You will consider the information you learned in your conversation with the company you contacted in Week 5. You will be measured on how you apply key managerial skills to foster innovation and lead change in a […]

LDR531 Week5 Apply: Business Interview

LDR531 Week5 Leading Organizational Change LDR531 Week5: Review the Week 6 Implementing Change Business Case assignment. Select a company you would like to interview about change management strategies, and request an informational interview with a representative. Create 3 to 5 questions you can discuss with a representative regarding the company’s approach to change management in […]

LDR531 Week4 Assessment: Comparing Leadership Models

LDR531 Week4 Leadership Theories and Teams LDR531 Week4: Purpose of Assessment  Apply theories about leadership, structure, and culture to real-world scenarios that have occurred in various organizations. Each team member will be measured on how you narrate various leadership styles to foster innovation and lead change in a dynamic environment. Use the chart you created in […]

LDR531 Week3 Apply: Leadership Models

LDR531 Week3 Communication and Leadership Style LDR531 Week3: To prepare for the Week 4 Assessment, reflect on the leadership models presented in this week’s reading. Create a chart comparing at least 3 leadership models presented in this week’s reading. In a 250-word APA response, reflect on how these models compare to your personal results in […]

LDR531 Week2 Assessment: Personal Leadership Evaluation

LDR531 Week2 Motivation LDR531 Week2: Review the Learning Check and your personal leadership self-assessment in preparation for this assessment. Purpose of Assessment  The contemporary workforce is rapidly changing from a myriad of demographics. The effective leader must be skilled in managing the diverse workforce. You will be measured on how you demonstrate the alignment of your […]

LDR531 Week1 Apply: Leadership Evaluation

LDR531 Week1 The Contemporary Workplace LDR531 Week1: Conduct an online search for “leadership style self-assessment,” and take one or more of the free quizzes or assessments that are available online to learn more about your personal leadership style. Write a 250-word response in APA format that includes an overview of your leadership strengths and weaknesses […]