ISCOM374 Week5: Transportation

ISCOM374 Week5: Transportation Financial and Legal Logistic Strategies ISCOM374 Week5: Prepare a 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation with Speaker Notes addressing the following: Convoy Trucking just won a large bid with a new customer called H2Glow. The new customer is in the contaminated water business. To serve the newly acquired customer, Convoy Trucking is required […]

ISCOM374 Week4: The Transportation Bid Challenge

ISCOM374 Week4: The Transportation Bid Challenge Transportation Strategies ISCOM374 Week4: Scenario: Hello Logistics Team!  This is the company president here in our Hangzhou, China location. First, I want to personally thank the team for doing such a remarkable job with the Forecasting and Inventory improvements. The Company is now exceeding the 96% on-time delivery goal […]

ISCOM374 Week 3: Inventory and Purchasing Considerations

ISCOM374 Week 3: Inventory and Purchasing Considerations Warehousing Strategies ISCOM374 Week 3: Based on your Learning Team’s earlier work, your department’s forecasting recommendation has made vast improvements to the Hangzhou, China on-time deliveries. However, the company president has concerns the resin inventory levels are not ordered in the most optimal quantities. The purchasing department needs […]

ISCOM374 Week3: Warehousing

ISCOM374 Week3: Warehousing Warehousing Strategies ISCOM374 Week3: Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word paper defining warehousing and discussing its strategic role within the logistics system. Discuss the role of warehousing in a logistics system. Differentiate between the different warehouse types and explain the aspects of each one of the warehouse types. Identify why a company or […]

ISCOM374 Week2: Demand Management Scenario

ISCOM374 Week2: Demand Management Scenario Supply Chain Management and Procurement Sourcing Strategies ISCOM374 Week2: Your Learning Team represents a newly formed logistics department at a plastic manufacturing company. The company is currently underperforming with on-time deliveries. The Hangzhou, China location is consistently under 93%. The company goal is to be at or above 96% on-time […]

ISCOM374 Week1: Consider Technology

ISCOM374 Week1: Consider Technology Concept and Strategies of Logistics ISCOM374 Week1: Prepare a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation addressing the following: List the six general types of information management systems, and give one logistics application to each one of the types listed. Highlight the advantages and/or disadvantages. Which technological advances do you view as being […]