HSN570 Week 6: Financial Issues Presentation

HSN570 Week 6: Future Trends HSN570 Week 6: Create a narrated 15- to 20-slide presentation. The presentation should be professional in style and include the following elements: Discuss how financial issues discussed in this class are causing changes in reimbursement and care delivery models Imagine emerging risks and compliance issues and predict how these issues will […]

HSN570 Week 5: Capital Project Proposal

HSN570 Week 5: Risk Management, Corporate Compliance and Technology HSN570 Week 5: Select a suitable item from category B from the list at the end of the following document: Facilities Administration: Classification of Medical Equipment  Propose a capital item purchase for this item and prepare your request for approval to the capital budget committee. Develop a 1,400- to 1,575-word proposal in […]

HSN570 Week 4: Ratio and Budget Management Analysis

HSN570 Week 4: Capital Budgets and Financial Management HSN570 Week 4: Conduct a Ratio and Budget Management Analysis using the worksheet. Research a minimum of two scholarly sources to support your paper. Format your paper, including reference page, according to APA guidelines. Submit your assignment, practicum hours log, and practicum activity deliverable.   This assignment contains 2 Microsoft Word […]

HSN570 Week 3: Institutional Policy Analysis

HSN570 Week 3: Budgets, Benchmarks and Cash Management HSN570 Week 3: Research at least 3 peer-reviewed articles published within the last 3 years that can address the following: Provide a rationale of how institutional policy is derived from higher regulatory policies such as federal and state policies. Chart your findings differentiating between policies at national, state and […]

HSN570 Week 2: Revenue Management

HSN570 Week 2:Policy and Regulations of Health Care Finance HSN570 Week 2: Research at least two scholarly sources that discuss how revenue is generated and managed in a Health Care Organization. Answer the following questions and explain how they applied to your research: What are revenue sources? How are rates negotiated with payers? What are the challenges […]

HSN570 Week 1: Health Care Financing History

HSN570 Week 1: Health Care Financial Environment HSN570 Week 1: Describe the background of health care financing in the United States and the similarities and differences with other types of businesses. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you: Summarize different payment models leading up to current fee-for-service model. Compare and contrast health care […]