HRM498T Week 5 Apply Assignment

During the HR Manager’s audit at the India plant, The HR manager also discovered that the plant has not traditionally utilized any form of progressive discipline. Managers keep track of issues in their own way without any formalized process. Now that the plant is part of a global, publicly traded company, the lack of processes […]

HRM498T Week 4 Apply Assignment

The mangers at ABC Corporation decide the company needs a more diverse workforce, so they actively recruit segments of the population that are underrepresented in their organization. As their workforce becomes more diverse, they find that the new employees are struggling to integrate into the organization, conflict has increased, overall employee morale has declined, and […]

HRM498T Week 3 Apply Assignment

Advanced Hero is a major, publicly traded defense contractor to the US government. During the recent annual Leadership Summit, the CEO spoke of his vision for greater innovation, deeper sales pipelines within governmental agencies, and world-class performance in each operating sector. He summed this up as a Talent 2.0 version of the company. He has […]

HRM498T Week 2 Apply Assignment

What is the major difference between training and education? Training provides more general knowledge Education is more closely related to learning a particular job Education refers more to acquiring specific skills Training narrows the range of responses while education broadens the range Studies show that the people most likely to be chosen to participate in […]

HRM498T Week 1 Apply Assignment

E-Tronics is a well-established, publicly traded manufacturing company that has been in business for over 50 years. E-Tronics is reviewing a potential acquisition of a manufacturing plant of 120 employees in India. This would be E-Tronics’ first time having a physical operation in India. As part of the review of labor, the Chief Human Resources […]