HRM420T Week 5 Apply Assignment

DataX Space is incurring significant costs due to employee physical and mental health problems. The executive team wants to implement a wellness program to improve employee health for the coming year, but the team wonders if it is economically justifiable. The executive team projects the costs of the proposed wellness program and finds that they […]

HRM420T Week 4 Apply Assignment

Use the following scenario to answer questions 1 through 6. Peak Software needs to hire sales representatives for a new product release. The sales manager and assistant manager decide to make their selection decisions based on interviews of each applicant. During the first day of interviews, the sales manager and the assistant manager interview fourteen […]

HRM420T Week 3 Apply Assignment

Which of the following statements best describes how private employment agencies operate? Private employment agencies charge their fees to either the employer or the employee. Private employment agencies charge their fees to the new employees who are placed in a job. Private employment agencies charge their fees to the employers. Private employment agencies are financially […]

HRM420T Week 2 Apply Assignment

DataX Space is a large data management and storage company based in Chicago, Illinois, with smaller branches located in various locations throughout the United States. The company provides cloud-based solutions for corporate clients as well as small-scale data management software for individuals. The company’s central office has a fully staffed HR department whose biggest challenge […]

HRM420T Week 1 Apply Assignment

OSHA requires that each employer must furnish a place of employment free from hazards that are likely to cause death or physical harm. What is this statement called? OSHA’s mission OSHA’s general standard OSHA’s public policy OSHAct intent The major statistic used by OSHA to measure accidents is called the ________. Accident occurrence Incidence rate […]