HMGT 400 7380 Weeks 1 – 8

This download contains all bundled assignments from Week 1 to Week 8   Click HERE for individual HMGT 400 7380 weeks. If you would like to order an original assignment, please contact or text (617) 299-6181. Kindly visit our original assignment website

HMGT 400 Week 7 Discussion

Explain the importance of systematic review and meta-analysis for evidence-based practice. What are the limitations of the systematic review? How to overcome the challenges? Offer an example of a situation when a systematic review and meta-analysis were one of the defining points in the decision-making process, and when without it the decision might have been […]

HMGT 400 Week 6 Exercise 5

Exercise #5 For this week exercise, we need to try a few logit models (see this link for more information: If you have chosen to work with Excel, please run above three models and complete the following tables. Model 1: Run a regression model and use being a member of network and find out its […]

HMGT 400 Week 6 Discussion

Compare the quantitative and qualitative research in healthcare service. The answer may be in narrative or a table format. Provide the information on: When each approach is used? Can they be applied to the same researchable question? Explain why yes or no. What type of data is used for each research style? How the data […]

HMGT 400 Week 5 Exercise # 4

Linear Regression Model Exercise 4 offers two versions: EXCEL (base) and RStudio (BONUS) Track 1 RStudio: If you have chosen to work with RStudio (1 % BONUS), please run the following models and complete the following tables. See Track 2 below for EXCEL 1st Model: Run a linear model and predict the difference between hospital beds (use the […]

HMGT 400 Week 5 Discussion

Discuss the need for quantitative research in the healthcare service field. Provide an example of a researchable question that will be investigated with quantitative research. Explain which research methods and designs can be applied to the chosen question research. What challenges and biases may impact the study results?   Click HERE for more HMGT 400 […]

HMGT 400 Week 4 Assignment #2: Quantitative Analysis

Assignment # 2: Quantitative Analysis  For this assignment, students will be given data from quantitative analysis and will be asked to analyze it using Excel, RStuido (BONUS points) Data set: Minnesota Healthcare Database.xlsx Medicare National Data by County MN Hospital Report Data by Care Unit FY2013 MN HCCIS Imaging Procedures 2013 MEPS Dental Files MEPS Inpatient Stay […]

HMGT 400 Week 2 Exercise # 2

Week 2, Exercise: Use the dataset from week1 exercise and then answer the following questions: Compare the following information between teaching and non-teaching hospitals. What are the main significant differences between teaching and non-teaching hospitals? (use t-test) Comparing hospital net-benefit, which hospital has better performance? To answer this question first compute the hospital net benefits […]

HMGT 400 Week 3 Exercise # 3

Exercise # 3: The dataset provides Herfindahl–Hirschman Index, and Herfindahl index categories, please use the herf_cat variable and answer the following questions: Note: “The Herfindahl–Hirschman Index is a commonly accepted measure of market concentration used by antitrust enforcement agencies and scholars in the field. The HHI is calculated by squaring the market share of each […]

HMGT400 Week 3 Discussion

Explain the differences between Research Methods and Research Design. Provide a description of two method examples and two examples of design types. When each is used? What is the process of choosing a correct research method and a correct research design?   Click HERE for more HMGT 400 7380 weeks. If you would like to […]