DOC723 Wk 6 – Developing the Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Literature and Concept Review Draft Approval

As you develop the Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Literature section of the Concept Review (Chapter 2), begin with the broadest theoretical foundation, followed by narrower theories. Within the subsections for each theory, discuss the theory development in chronological order, beginning with the germinal theorists and continuing with the theory development and current theorist perspectives. Again, […]

DOC723 Wk 5 – Current Content Sources

Current content, also referred to as contemporary content, is generally defined as no more than 5 years old. Therefore, sources are usually journal articles. The Current Content section of the Concept Review (Chapter 2) should include subsections for each of the various topics related to your study. For this assignment, create a reference list of […]

DOC723 Wk 7 – Methodology Literature and Research Design Literature Sources

The Methodology Literature section should describe the various studies that have been accomplished within your topic area and should focus on the methodologies that have been used in research and on the findings of those studies. The Research Design Literature section should define your selected design based on both germinal and contemporary methodologists. For this […]

DOC723 Wk 3 – Defining Synthesis

Based on this week’s readings, write a brief summary to define how you will synthesize the literature. Discuss the strategies and techniques you will use to ensure your literature review will appropriately reflect the synthesis required throughout the Concept Review (Chapter 2). Submit your assignment.   This assignment contains a Microsoft Word document. Click HERE […]

DOC723 Wk 2 – Concept Review (Chapter 2) Outline

Develop an outline of your planned Concept Review (Chapter 2) content. Review Ch. 7 of James & Slater (2014) as an example, and ensure that your outline adheres to the structure of the Chapter 2 Template found in the College of Doctoral Studies Dissertation Guide in CDS Central. Note: The outline should include all the […]

DOC723 Wk 1 – Key Words for Searching Literature

Review the Chapter 1 purpose section, research questions, and theoretical/conceptual framework to identify the key concepts that will need to be included in the literature review. Create a list of at least six keywords or terms that you will use during your literature search. Submit your assignment.   This assignment contains a Microsoft Word document. […]