CMGT420 Week5 Learning Team: Integration Project Management Plan

CMGT420 Week5: Project Procurement and Stakeholder Management CMGT420 Week5: Assemble the Learning Team deliverables from previous weeks to create an Integrated Project Management plan. Add an introduction and conclusion/summary to the plan, and provide transitions and other editing as needed to create a single unified document. No need for APA formatting. Review the feedback rubric (below […]

CMGT420 Week4 Learning Team: Tools and Techniques for Quality Management

CMGT420 Week4: Project Communications and Risk Management CMGT420 Week4: Write a 1-page draft memo highlighting the tools and techniques the team plans to use to ensure that the project meets quality expectations. Review the PMBOK quality mgt overview document (see attached.) Use the instructor provided template (see attached.) Review the Feedback rubric (below and attached.) Click the Assignment Files tab […]

CMGT420 Week 4 Individual: Communications Management Plan

CMGT420 Week 4: Project Communications and Risk Management CMGT420 Week 4: Write a 2- to 3-page communications management plan that includes a list of project stakeholders and their roles in the project, a RACI diagram for project resources, and a communication plan for one of the following project scenarios: Data center move: This is a project […]

CMGT420 Week 3 Individual: Project Quality Management

CMGT420 Week 3: Project Quality and HR Management CMGT420 Week 3: Prepare a 2- to 3-page memo discussing at least three common quality-related challenges in a project, and how these challenges would lead to project failure. These quality-related challenges may include, but are not limited to the following: Forgot to pop the question “Good intentions, but […]

CMGT420 Week3 Learning Team: Scope, Time, Cost, and Stakeholders

CMGT420 Week3: Project Quality and HR Management CMGT420 Week3: Write a 2- to 3-page draft paper including the project scope document, an activity and milestone list, WBS, cost baseline (cost estimate plus contingencies and management reserve), a list of project stakeholders, and the responsibility assignment matrix. Review the attached document templates and include the appropriate sections into […]

CMGT420 Week2 Learning Team: Create Project Charter

CMGT420 Week2: Project Scope, Time, and Cost Management CMGT420 Week2: Create a 1-page draft outline of a project charter using the instructor provided template. You need only add a sentence or so to each bullet point. Feel free to delete explanatory text in parentheses. Select one of your team member’s individual assignments (from Week One) to use […]