CCMH540 Week 6 Ethics in Career and Vocational Counseling

Answer the following questions about ethics in career and vocational counseling. Use the attached form. Ethics in Career and Vocational Counseling  Answer the following questions: Describe what it means to hold a professional counselor identity. Describe ethical considerations and standards in career counseling. Describe the importance of adhering to professional counselor identity and ethical standards […]

CCMH540 Week 5 – Presentation on Assigned Chapter

Individual Assignment: Present a chapter from the assigned textbook readings. Assignments will be made week 1 and chapter discussions will take place during class in weeks 2-5. Read and Study: Read your assigned chapter and be prepared to lead the class in a 10-minute review of the chapter and its content. Specifically, focus on: What […]

CCMH540 Week 5 Team – Career Development Program Design and Implementation Plan Presentation

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of a career development program aimed at serving a specific population. Include the following: Describe your plan for developing the program. Outline the program organizational structure. Describe your plan for implementation of the program. Describe the administrative and staffing needs. Explain the process for program evaluation. Reference at least five to […]

CCMH540 Week 4 – Technology in Career Counseling Presentation

Imagine you have been asked to provide a training to new career counselors at your agency about the benefits of using technology in career counseling. Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on technology in career counseling. Include the following: Describe different technologies that can be beneficial in career counseling. Demonstrate approaches to integrating technology resources in career […]

CCMH540 Week 3 Team – Career Assessment Instrument Review and Presentation

Search the Mental Measurements Yearbooks by using the following steps: Access the University Library. Click Research Guides. Click Counseling and Human Services. Select Mental Measurements Yearbook. Type a term in the search field. Limit your results based on your interests. Click Search. Locate a minimum of three career counseling vocational assessment instruments utilizing the Mental Measurements Yearbooks. Complete the Review of Career Assessment Instrument. […]

CCMH540 Week 3 – Applying Career Counseling Theories Role-Play Session Transcript

Write a 350-word case scenario for a client who is seeking career guidance and counseling. Write a 350-word transcript of a 5- to 10-minute career counseling session with this client. Include the following: Demonstrate the use of career counseling theory to determine decision-making processes. Demonstrate the use of theory-based counseling strategies to assist the client in developing […]

CCMH540 Week 2 – Career Counseling Theories Worksheet

Complete the Career Counseling Theories Worksheet. Career Counseling Theories Worksheet   Complete the following table by choosing five to seven career counseling theories to discuss.   Name of the theory Developers of the theory Main tenants or description of the theory (25–50 words)                             […]

CCMH540 Week 1 – Nature of Work Paper

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper regarding the nature of work and the need for career counseling services. Include the following: Describe how the nature of work and individual attitudes toward work have evolved over time and between generations. Examine the interrelationship between work and personal life. Explain the need for career development services. Describe methods […]