CCMH515CA Week7 Team – Special Considerations Presentation

There are many different situations that may arise in counseling, and these situations may require different responses. Counseling different populations may require special considerations as well. This assignment will assist you in determining these situations and how to ethically respond. Select one of the following topics and obtain instructor approval: Children Families Adults Older Adults Create a […]

CCMH515CA Week4 Team – Multiple Relationships Presentation Outline

This assignment will give you a solid foundation for your Multiple Relationships Presentation, due in Week 5. Begin working on your Multiple Relationships Presentation, due in Week 5. Obtain an instructor-assigned issue from the following list: Social relationships with clients, including virtual relationships, bartering, and gift giving Nonsexual touch in the therapeutic relationship, including treatment approaches that […]

CCMH515CA Week2 Team – Ethics in Practice Analysis

CCMH515CA Week2: Unfortunately, there are times when counselors do not behave in an ethical manner, and a complaint may be brought against them. This assignment will help you to explore this process and how it is regulated so that we can learn from the mistakes of others and not make those same mistakes ourselves. Choose one […]

CCMH515CA Week 8: Integrative Paper

CCMH515CA Week 8: Integration of Legal and Ethical Principles CCMH515CA Week 8: Resources: Integrative Paper Rubric Through integrating knowledge of ethical and legal requirements into your ethical decision-making process, you can provide a proper ethical response to ethical dilemmas. This assignment will help you to apply what you have learned in this course to determine […]

CCMH515CA Week6: Mid-Course Assessment

CCMH515CA Week6: Professional Relationships, Clinical Supervision and Self-care CCMH515CA Week6: This assignment will help you to apply what you have learned in the first five weeks of the course to specific scenarios. Complete the Mid-Course Assessment.   This assignment contains a Microsoft Word document. Click HERE for more CCMH515CA weeks. If you would like to order […]

CCMH515CA Week 6: Counselor Supervision, Consultation, and Self-Care Paper

CCMH515CA Week 6: Professional Relationships, Clinical Supervision and Self-care CCMH515CA Week 6: Burnout and compassion fatigue can be common in the counseling field if proper self-care is not maintained. This assignment will help students to gain a better understanding of ethical responses regarding counselor self-care, supervision and consultation, and collaboration with other human service professionals. […]

CCMH515CA Week 4: Ethical Scenario Worksheet

CCMH515CA Week 4: Unprofessional Conduct, Negligence and Malpractice CCMH515CA Week 4: Ethical decision making requires the ability to analyze situations for potential ethical concerns, and then forming an appropriate ethical response based on ethical guidelines and legal statutes. This assignment allows you to apply the concepts and skills that you have learned to enhance your […]

CCMH515CA Week 3: HIPAA Tutorial and Reflection

CCMH515CA Week 3: Client Rights: Confidentiality, Informed Consent and Record Keeping CCMH515CA Week 3: This assignment will introduce you to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This act outlines ethical behaviors and responses for human service and health-related organizations and professionals. This assignment will help to familiarize you with the different components of […]

CCMH515CA Week 2: National Certified Counselor Credential Summary

CCMH515CA Week 2: Code of Ethics: Principles and Practices CCMH515CA Week 2: The National Certified Counselor (NCC) credential, offered through the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC), allows counselors to take part in quite a few benefits. This assignment will assist you in researching this credential to determine the benefits and purposes of this credential. […]