CCMH511 Week 6 – Initial Interview and Reflection

Demonstrating counseling skills is necessary when progressing through a counseling program to determine your developmental level and appropriateness for the field. This assignment will allow you to demonstrate your ability to combine all the basic counseling skills you have learned throughout the course in preparation for your residency evaluation. Choose a classmate as your partner for this assignment. You […]

CCMH511 Week 5 – Cultural Awareness in Counseling

Cultural awareness is an important part of counselor development. This assignment will allow you to explore some aspects of your own culture that may contribute to your desire to be a counselor as well as the reason why cultural awareness is important. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper reflecting on your current level of cultural awareness. […]

CCMH511 Week 4 Team – Crisis Intervention in the Interview

Crisis triage is an essential skill in counseling. This assignment will allow you to practice a specific model of crisis evaluation and triage so you will be better prepared to handle similar situations as a counselor. Review the 5-Step Evaluation and Triage model SAFE-T from SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS). Review the case […]

CCMH511 Week 2 Team – Therapeutic Questioning Exercise

The types of questions we ask as counselors can determine the progress made during a counseling session. This assignment will prepare you to develop effective therapeutic questions. Review information on the Open and Closed Questions page on the Changing Minds website. Create a list of 12 to 15 different therapeutic questions you may ask a client in the […]

CCMH511 Week 1 – Interview Video Analysis

CCMH511 Week 1: Basic communication skills are the backbone of the counseling interview. This assignment will help you to identify the basic communication and counseling skills in a counseling demonstration so you can tell the difference between effective and ineffective communication. Watch the first 14 minutes of “Basic Influencing Skills, 4th Edition, Disc 1” selected […]