BSCOM234T Weeks 1 – 5

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BSCOM234T Week 5 Apply: Conflict Management

BSCOM234TWk 5 – Apply: Conflict Management 1. During his deposition, Jason states how __________ is a business culture with an unequal distribution of power, and it is normal or even desirable for many employees. a) High-power-distance b) Low-power-distance c) Low-context d) High-context 2. Jason lies to Mr. Fletcher about how much money his firm makes […]

BSCOM234T Week 4 Apply: Relationships

BSCOM234TWk 4 – Apply: Relationships 1. To create a more positive workplace culture, Haley has stated that Creative Consulting should engage in non-evaluative responses where they undertake __________ , which includes sharing your perceptions of the situation and confirming the validity of the problem. a. probing b. valuing c. offering support d. paraphrasing 2. Contrary […]

BSCOM234T Week 3 Apply: Self and Perception

BSCOM234TWk 3 – Apply: Self and Perception 1. When looking at Haley’s LinkedIn page, the PR firm notices that some of the information is misspelled and Haley’s photo is blurred. In several meetings with Haley, it appears that her presentation online is now how she really is in person. In order to keep their perceptions […]

BSCOM234T Week 2 Apply: Diversity and Nonverbal Communication

BSCOM234T Wk 2 – Apply: Diversity and Nonverbal Communication 1. Jason, the president of Creative Consulting, believes everything about Creative Consulting is better than anywhere else, and he is especially proud of his business’ culture. Jason may be ___________. a) in culture shock b) from a high-context culture c) ethnocentric d) collectivistic 2. What correctly […]

BSCOM234T Week 1 Apply: Verbal Communication

BSCOM234TWk 1 – Apply: Verbal Communication 1. Imagine if Haley would have spoken to Kameron about his intentions with the happy hour invites. This level of communication could have helped Haley to better ___________ Kameron. a) describe b) label c) judge d) understand 2. Based on the scenario, it does not seem that Kameron and […]